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For Appointments:

Contact us to schedule an appointment today or with any questions you may have.  Call us at 330-262-2500

Fax number: 330-264-8713

For Volunteering:

For inquiries related to volunteering, please contact BethAnne Burkhart at 330-262-2500 x 104 or by email at

For Scheduling Lunch Meetings:
For drug rep, lab rep, or other services rep lunches, please contact Brianna Joss at 330-262-2500 x 109 or by email at

For PR, Program Development or Financial Donations:

For public relations, development or funding questions, please contact CEO Jaime Parsons at 330-262-2500 x 102 or by email at

For Billing Questions:

For billing questions, please contact our billing office at 330-262-2500 x125 or by email at

For Medical Program Questions and Medical Outreach Clinics:

For questions on the programs we offer and interest in potential medical outreach opportunities, please contact Ally Owens at 330-262-2500 x129 or by email at

For Dental Program Questions and Dental Outreach Clinics:

For questions on dental outreach and programs, please contact Denise Price at 330-262-2500 x 150 or by email at

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