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Patient Eligibility

The Viola Startzman Clinic provides affordable medical and dental care to all residents of Wayne and Holmes Counties, and surrounding communities, in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.



All patients are welcome at the Viola Startzman Clinic. The VSC accepts most insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.


The Viola Startzman Clinic began as a free clinic, and is still deeply committed to providing low income patients with affordable high quality care.  To obtain free or discounted care at the Viola Startzman Clinic, you must be a resident of Wayne or Holmes Counties and schedule an appointment with our Case Manager to complete the application process, in order to determine eligibility. Once eligibility is determined, our Charitable Care Policy provides free or discounted care to patients with a household income at or below 250% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines



Did you sign up for insurance and now you can't find a doctor or dentist who takes it?  


Don't worry!  At the Viola Startzman Clinic, we can help you enroll in insurance, or assist you in choosing a plan that  works for you!  Call to schedule an appointment with our Insurance Navigator.

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